Exercise 1

Retail manuscript sites

Charles Edwin Puckett — https://www.cepuckett.com

  • leaves only, richly described.
  • Medium sized images only, poor treatment of multiple images (overlapping buyers illustration only)
  • Philip J. Pirages — https://www.pirages.com
  • mixture of manuscript leaves, few books.
  • rich set of descriptive categories for browsing, but they were inoperative

Griffons Medieval Manuscripts — http://www.griffons.com/

  • “Affordable Renaissance Art…”
  • Poor categorization

Sanderus Antiquariat — https://www.sanderusmaps.com

  • Individual leaves and cuttings (!)
  • A lot of commercial apparatus … cart, new additions, prices
  • Has large scale scans
  • Medieval Manuscript is just one “catalog”; entire inventory on three pages

Digital Manuscripts

Monastic Manuscript Project — http://www.earlymedievalmonasticism.org/

  • Grant funded project at Syracuse University
  • Gathers information about projects and site related to the digization and study of manuscripts
  • Hundreds of links show how scattered often just a very few resources are
  • Nothing there to work on discovery across the aggregated resources or to categorize/describe contents

Clairvaux Virtual LIbrary — https://www.bibliotheque-virtuelle-clairvaux.com/

  • “All indexed manuscript” but no mention of how many
  • Advanced search, no simple keywords, no auto-complete
  • Facets appear only for search results
  • Viewer for full pan/zoom: Mediatheque, Grand Troyes (coalition of libraries/archives)


17 January 2017