Discussion Questions, Week 5


  • What does it take for an institution to adpot IIIF? Are there economic considerations that might be slowing more adopting?
  • Are there different versions of the TEI DTD? Do they vary significantly?
  • In the examples in the Introduction to TEI, I noticed they use a link to a dtd file that doesn’t exist anymore in the doctype declaration. Advantages and disadvantages of hotlinking…


  • Who generates the content of DigiPal?
  • How might IIIF (or a thing like it) work with tools that use polygons rather than rectangles?
  • i.e. is there any value in selecting a polygonal region of an image? We’ve discussed non-rectangular selection in other areas… (though of course any non-rectangular image would secretly be living inside a transparent rectangle)


31 January 2016